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Do you still remember the times, when nicely shaped trolleybuses produced by the Swiss manufaturers FBW, Saurer and Berna, often equiped with bodies from Carrosserie Hess, ran through Swiss cities? When nobody thought of low-floor? But when the trolleybus still brought you faster to your destination, since there was less traffic?

Since the nineties, the Swiss Trolleybus Association aims to preserve characteristic vehicles of this well appreciated and ecological type of transportation, which would have been scrapped along time ago otherwise. Unlike numerous historic motor buses, which were kept for extra courses, trolleybuses are usually not preserved by their former owners because they need overhead lines, which makes them unflexible.

Despite lots of logistical and financial imponderables, the TVS managed to preserve eleven historic vehicles from Swiss trolleybus networks. Our collection covers most of Swiss trolleybus networks in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. Together with our partner association, we have a collection, which covers almost all 18 cities and interurban networks, where the "tramway with tracks in the air" ever ran. We try to preserve this valuable heritage of our technical history for the future. Therefore we pursue the following goals:
  • Preserve the current historic fleet at a covered location
  • Restoration of individual choosen vehicles
  • Cooperation with bus operators and participation in jubelees and events
  • Consideration of operation possibilities to expirience some of our historic trolleybuses in action again, like it's already possible in Biel, Lausanne, Lucerne and Winterthur.
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