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01.06.2014: General meeting in Lausanne

02.06.2014 17:54:04 | Sandro Flückiger | 3 Comments

Already the third time in a row, the Trolleybusverein Schweiz (TVS) was invited to hold its general meeting in Lausanne in the TL-Depot La Borde. Like in the years before, a historic trolleybus from Rétrobus brought the members from the station to the depot.

This year this trolleybus was TL No. 656. The series of 25 units, to which this vehicle belongs, was built by FBW, Eggli and BCC and put into service almost exactly 50 years ago for the Expo 64. In addition, 20 bus trailers were delivered at that time. One of them was awaiting us in the depot La Borde: No. 933 has been refurbished and painted in the original paint scheme again. Together with the drawing vehicle No. 656 it is about to be presented at several events for the 50 years jubilee of the Expo 64. Until both vehicles can go on tour together, further technical hurdles need to be overcome.

After the viewing of the trailer, including different interesting explanations by Henri-David Philippe, the official part of the general meeting followed. A second extra course through the old town brought the participants back to the station.


TL Nr. 656, built in 1964, in front of the depot La Borde The matching bus trailer No. 933 for trolleybus No. 656 has been refurbished. The members enjoyed the extra course on the historic trolleybus.

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