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New trolleybus line in Lucerne

11.12.2016 13:51:18 | Sandro Flückiger | 0 Comments
The stop positions of trolleybuses and motorbuses at Lucerne's main stations have been ajusted to the new route scheme

On December 11 2016, the new bus hub at the Station in Emmenbrücke has been opened and replaced the former bus stop Seetalplatz. This will improve the connections between buses, trolleybuses and S-Bahn trains. The construction works of bus routes in this area have been finished in October after three years and the bus lines have been moved from Gerliswilstrasse into Bahnhofstrasse where the stop now directly in front of the train station in both directions.

The bus hub includes 3 platforms which allows connection between the two trolleybus lines and the new arranged local bus lines (Emmer Bus) and the trains including the new Line S99. The overhead lines allow trolleybuses to turn in both directions as well as overtaking waiting buses of line 5 with trolleybuses of line 2 while doing a short turn.

The line 2 was operated with motorbuses during the construction works and has now been changed back to trolleybuses. In future, only bi-articulated trolleybuses in the RBus paint scheme will be used on this line. At the same time the new trolleybus line 5 Kriens Busschleife-Emmenbrücke Bahnhof Süd (formerly Seetalplatz) has been put into service - almost exactly 75 years after the first trolleybus ran in Lucerne with the line number 5. The new line 5 shares its route with the RBus lines 1 and 2 and will run Monday through Saturday until 8 pm so there will be a trolleybus every 3.75 minutes between Pilatusplatz and Kriens and between Pilatusplatz and Emmenbrücke in the rush hours.

To celebrate the new infrastructure and the improved line scheme and schedule, a large event has been organised for the public including different activities such as a train simulator and connecting trolleybus pantographs. Despite the cold weather, alot of people took part in the celebrations.

Two bi-articulated trolleybuses of line 2 meet in front of the train station in Emmenbrücke. A trolleybus of line 5 meets a S-Bahn train on the new bus hub. Visitors could try to connect the pantograph of Trolleybus N° 409 with the overhead line.
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