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Azienda comuale dei trasporti Lugano: trolleybus No. 126

Characteristics of trolleybus series 126-127 (1966)

Chassis Franz Brozincevic & Cie., Wetzikon ZH (FBW)
Body work Carrosserie Hess AG, Bellach SO
Electrics S.A. des Ateliers de Sécheron, Geneva GE (SAAS)
Model Tr51
In use 1978-1999 (before 1966-1977 in Rheintal SG)
Engine power 106 kW (144 hp)
Length / width 11.2 m / 2.5 m
Seats / standing places 44 / 42 people
Empty weight 11'200 kg
Preserved vehicle No. 126


Trolleybus No. 6 in use for the Rheintalische Verkehrsbetriebe
In the middle of the 1960ies the Rheintalische Verkehrsbetriebe (RhV), which were operating the trolleybus line Altstätten - Heerbrugg - Berneck, reacted on the rising number of passengers with the purchase of two new trolleybuses. Those two vehicles with the numbers 6 and 7 completed the fleet, which included five trolleybuses and two bus trailers from 1940. Eventhough the purchase of the new vehicles, the line in the Rhine valley was converted to a motor bus on the 21st May 1977.

At this time there existed two more networks in Switzerland, which had the unusually high voltage of 1000 Volt. That were the networks of Thun and Lugano. Since the new line extensions in Lugano led to a need of further trolleybuses, the only eleven year old vehicles No. 6 and 7 could be sold to the Ticino. Repainted in blue and with new numbers 126 and 127, they were put into service in Lugano in 1978.

The last built rigid trolleybuses for the interurban network stood in urban use especially out because of their unusual arrangement with a big amount of seats and only three narrow doors. In the last years of use the trolleybuses from the Rhine valley were mainly used with the vehicles 114-117 on the line 1/2 Paradiso - Lugano Piazza Manzoni - Castagnola.

Both vehicles stayed in the fleet until 2001, but weren't used on the network after spring 1999. On the 2nd October 1999 the TVS organised an extra course with No. 126 (and also with the eldest operable trolleybus No. 112). As a good bye for the trolleybus the trolleybuses No. 127 and No. 101 were exhibited on the Piazza della Riforma. Afterwards, TVS could take spare parts from No. 127 before it was scraped. Trolleybus No. 126 was taken over and left Lugano on the 22nd June 2001. Via different station it came to its current location in Yvonand, where it's stored in a shed.