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Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen: trolleybus No. 202

Characteristics of trolleybus series 201-205 (1966)

VBSH 202
Chassis Berna AG, Olten SO
Body work Schindler Waggon AG, Pratteln BL (SWP)
Ramseier + Jenzer, Biel BE
Electrics Brown, Boveri & Cie., Baden AG (BBC)
Model 4 TP-A
In use 1966-1995
Engine power 100 kW (136 hp)
Length / width 11.6 m / 2.5 m
Seats / standing places 31 / 61 people
Empty weight 10'300 kg
Preserved vehicles No. 202 (No. 203 still in use in Valparaíso, Chile)


After the inhabitants of Schaffhausen had decided to convert the existing tram network to trolleybuses, the necessary stock had to be bought. The order was given to Berna (chassis), Schindler Waggon and Ramseier+Jenzer (body work), as well as BBC (electrics) and contained five rigid and five articulated trolleybuses. For the opening of the line 1 (Ebnat - Schaffhausen Bahnhof - Neuhausen Zentrum) the five articulated trolleybuses No. 101-105 were ready. As substitution for the missing rigid trolleybuses, five trolleybuses from 1948 were hired from Winterthur.

The five rigid trolleybuses No. 201-205 were used to tighten the schedule from 10 to 5 minutes during rush hours during the first years. After line 1 was extended from Ebnat to Waldfriedhof and from Ebnat to Herblingertal on the 29th May 1974, the network was divided into two lines. From now on the rigid trolleybuses were mainly used on the new line 9 (Herblingertal -Schaffhausen Bahnhof - Neuhausen Zentrum), which was only served during rush hours on weekdays. On the 4th August 1980 the line 1 was extended again, this time from Neuhausen Zentrum to Herbstäcker, at the same time the line 2 was introduced. This new line was an additional line to line 1 with on the section of the former line 1 (Waldfriedhof - Neuhausen Zentrum). Therefore the rigid buses ran mostly on the lines 2 and 9.

At the end of the 1980ies the line number 2 was given up again, even though there were still buses which ended at Neuhausen Zentrum but were displayed as number 1 now. The line 9 was dismissed on the 21st October 1995. Since the articulated trolleybuses had been replaced by eight new vehicles, which were sufficient for the remaining line 1, the almost thirty year old rigid trolleybuses could be taken out of service.

The trolleybuses 105, 202 and 204 could be preserved before the foundation of TVS due to private initiative. No. was used as a spare part resource and scrapped later. No 202 was in our collection from the beginning and dominated as logo our appearance and our website. Via lots of stations this classic trolleybus was brought to our hall in Yvonand (VD). The identically constructed articulated trolleybus No. 105 was given to our partner association ARBL in 2011.

The vehicles No. 102 and 203 were sold to Valparaíso in Chile. No. 203 is - now painted in green - still in use there. Also with articulated trolleybuses from Zürich and Geneva.