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Schaffhausen was the last Swiss city, which introduced the trolleybus. It was introduced in 1966 and replaced the tram which ran through Schaffhausen since 1901. Even though some extensions in 1970, 1974 and 1980, the trolleybus never reached the size of the former tram network. In 1980, the network reached its biggest size with three trolleybus lines (1, 2 and 9). The lines 2 and 9 were additional lines to line 1, which only ran on workdays. Line 9 served the section Ebnat - Herblingertal, which was not served otherwise. Nowadays, the trolleybus network consist of the main connection between Schaffhausen and Neuhausen again. With the extensions mentioned above, the line 1 now serves the route Waldfriedhof - Ebnat - Schaffhausen Bahnhof - Neuhausen Zentrum - Herbstäcker. In the noughties the continuation of the trolleybus network was challenged, not at least because of its small dimensions. In the meantime seven new trolleybuses were purchased, which should secure the trolleybus network for the next two decades.

Trolleybus fleet

Numbers Type In use Comments Preserved vehicles
101-105 Articulated trolleybus 1966-1994 No. 102 and 103 1992 sold to Valparaíso, Chile 105 (ARBL)
201-205 Rigid Trolleybus 1966-1995 No. 203 sold to Valparaíso (still in use) 202 (TVS)
106 Articulated trolleybus 1975-1999 Afterwards spare part source in Lucerne  
206-207 Rigid trolleybus 1980-1991 Ex VBL Lucerne 226 und 227, built in 1961 207 (ARBL)
111-118 Articulated trolleybus 1991-2012    
101II-106II, 107 Articulated trolleybus since 2011 Hess Swisstrolley 3  

Note: The articulated trolleybus No. 105, which is constructed the same way as our rigid trolleybus No. 202, was until 2011 also part of the TVS fleet. It was given to our partner association, which will preserve it long-term. Trolleybus No. 207, which originally ran in Lucerne and was 1991 saved by English friends of trolleybuses, could return to Switzerland in 2008. The TVS supported this project.