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Portrait Winterthur
Two generations of trolleybuses during a TVS extra course at the loop Waldegg in 1998
After the now usual trolleybus system was introduced successfully in Lausanne in 1932, other Swiss cities started to be interested in this system. Winterthur was the first city in German-speaking Switzerland, which decided to build a trolleybus. First, the tramway line between Hauptbahnhof (main station) and Wülflingen was replaced, in 1941 the line to Seen was added, which led to a single through route Wülflingen - Hauptbahnhof - Seen (line 2). In 1948, the trolleybus network was expanded by the newly electrified line 3 Hauptbahnhof - Rosenberg. The era of the tram in Winterthur ended in autumn 1951, when the remained tram line 1 Oberwinterthur - Hauptbahnhof - Töss was converted to a trolleybus line. With the circular route to Breite (connected with the line 3), the development of the network stopped in 1960 for several years. The next large expansion followed in 1991, when the line 6 from Hauptbahnhof to Oberseen was opened, hence the network reached its biggest dimensions, which stayed for only four years. The line to Breite (since the 80ies line 4) was taken out of service in 1995, due to road works and later completely deconstructed. After a reorganisation of the bus network in 2006, nowadays there exist three trough routes 1, 2 and 3. The current line 3 was created by connecting the line from Rosenberg with the former line 6 to Oberseen.

Trolleybus fleet

Numbers Type In use Comments Preserved vehicles
11-19 Rigid trolleybus 1938-1966 No. 11-13 were the first trolleybuses in German-speaking Switzerland  
20-25 Rigid trolleybus 1948-1972 No. 22 Defrosting vehicle 1978-1995 25 (TVS), 22
30-39 Rigid trolleybus 1951-1983    
40-41 Rigid trolleybus 1951-1967 1950 purchased from Bern (there No. 1-2, built in 1940)  
161 Bus trailer 1953-1968 Sold to Autobusbetrieb Sernftal, 2010 returned 161 (SBW)
45-46 Rigid trolleybus 1954-1983    
50-57 Rigid trolleybus 1960-1996   50
101-105 Articulated trolleybus 1958-1989 No. 101 oldest preserved articulated trolleybus in Switzerland 101 (SBW)
106-119 Articulated trolleybus 1965-2001 Some buses sold to Burgas and Ruse (Bulgaria) 118
120 Articulated trolleybus 1974-1989 Engine out of a discarded rigid trolleybus  
121 Articulated trolleybus 1978-1995 First trolleybus with three-phase asynchronous motor 121 (TVS)
122-131 Articulated trolleybus 1982-2007 Eight buses sold to Baia Mare (Romania) 131
141-155 Articulated trolleybus 1988-2012    
156-160, 161II Articulated trolleybus 1992-2011    
171-180 Articulated trolleybus since 2005 Solaris Trollino  
101II-121II Articulated trolleybus since 2010 Hess Swisstrolley 3  
122II-123II Articulated trolleybus since 2012 Hess Swisstrolley 3 (analog 101II-121II)  
124II Articulated trolleybus since 2014 Hess Swisstrolley 3 (analog 101II-121II)  

Note: No. 101 built in 1958 represents the eldest preserved articulated trolleybus of Switzerland. It belongs to the historic fleet of  Stadtbus Winterthur (SBW). The former bus trailer No. 161 is - still in the livery of the previous owner - also part of this collection.