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Other (previous) trolleybus networks

On this page we want to give you an overview about current and previous trolleybus networks in Switzerland, from wich we don't own any vehicles. It's partly possible to reach more detailed city portraits (more will follow).

City Operator acronym Opened Closed (Current) network / comments
Basel BVB 31.07.1941 30.06.2008 Up to 3 lines (1968-2000) and 27 trolleybuses
Fribourg-Farvagny FF (TPF SA) 04.01.1912 21.05.1932 System "Mercédès-Électrique-Stoll", first trolleybus network in Switzerland with three trolleybuses and a trolleytruck
Fribourg TPF SA (ex TF) 31.01.1949   3 lines with 21 articulated trolleybuses
Geneva TPG 11.09.1942   6 lines with 80 articulated and 11 bi-articulated trolleybuses
La Chaux-de-Fonds transN (ex TC) 23.12.1949   3 lines with 3 articulated and 3 rigid trolleybuses
Lausanne TL SA 02.10.1932   10 lines with 62 articulated and 41 rigid trolleybuses, as well as 30 bus trailers
Lucerne vbl AG 07.12.1941   7 lines with 30 articulated, 21 bi-articulated and 7 rigid trolleybuses, as well as 5 bus trailers
Neuchâtel transN (ex TN) 16.02.1940   4 lines with  37 articulated trolleybuses
Rheintal RhV (RTB) 08.09.1940 21.05.1977 Interurban line Altstätten-Heerbrugg-Berneck (SG), max. 7 trolleybuses and 2 bus trailers
Thun-Beatenbucht STI 19.08.1952 14.03.1982 Interurban line Thun-Oberhofen-Gunten-Beatenbucht, 9 trolleybuses und 5 bus trailers
Val-de-Ruz VR (transN) 01.09.1948 14.04.1984 Interurban line Les Hauts-Geneveys CFF-Cernier-Villiers and branch line Cernier-Valangin (-Neuchâtel) (1949-1969) with a connection to the network in Neuchâtel, therefore mutual operated by TN and VR
Vevey-Villeneuve VMCV 18.04.1957   Interurban line Vevey-Montreux-Chillon-Villeneuve with 16 articulated trolleybuses
Zürich VBZ 27.05.1939   7 lines with 49 articulated and 29 bi-articulated trolleybuses

Note: Our partner association RétroBus Léman owns historic trolleybuses of almost all of these trolleybus networks, of which some are operable and a few are even allowed to carry passenger. It's regularly possible to expirience classic trolleybuses on public courses during the summer season in Lausanne.