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Winterthurer Verkehrsbetriebe: trolleybus No. 25

Characteristics of trolleybus series 20-25 (1948)

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Chassis Nrn. 20-22: Franz Brozincevic & Cie., Wetzikon ZH
Nrn. 23-25: Adolph Saurer AG, Arbon TG
Body work Adolph Saurer AG, Arbon TG
Electrics Brown, Boveri & Cie., Baden AG
In use 1948-1972 (No. 22 afterwards defrosting vehicle)
Engine power 69 kW (94 hp)
Length / width 11.25 m / 2.4 m
Seats / standing places 26 / 63 people
Empty weight 9'300 kg
Preserved vehicles No. 25 (TVS), No. 22


The trolleybuses No. 20-25 were purchased for the conversion of the motor bus line Hauptbahnhof - Rosenberg in 1948. They were a bit longer than the eldest trolleybuses No. 11-19 from 1938/42 and they had three doors, which led to a better passenger circulation.

After the articulated trolleybuses No. 105-119 were delivered in 1966, they were mainly used for supplement courses. In the same year, five vehicles of this series were lent to Schaffhausen, because their trolleybuses No. 201-205 weren't ready. They were finally taken out of use in 1972 when the articulated motor buses No 301-308 were put into service.

Trolleybus No. 22 was converted to a de-icing trolleybus in 1978. Also No. 25 was thought to get this transformation, but it was never done. Thanks to Urs Huber, who was director at that time, both trolleybuses were preserved in the collection. During the 50-year-jubilee of trolleybuses in Winterthur in 1988, trolleybus No. 25 was used for free rides on the lines 1-3 once again.
When Stadtbus Winterthur (SBW) decided to reduce its collection of historic vehicles in 2010, TVS and its partner association ARBL were concerned to preserve the surplus vehicles. Trolleybus No. 25 belongs to TVS since 2011 and left Winterthur in June 2012.